5 May 2011

Superman Pushups

This video demonstrates some great bodyweight training variations that could provide the intensity required to build muscle! Do not forget, when exercises become too easy, meaning you can perform more than 15 repetitions comfortably, they no longer help to build muscle size! They will however continue to increase muscular endurance, allowing for more advanced techniques to be used to again build muscle!

Here are 2 useful things to think about when you are training with your own bodyweight.

1: You can build good muscle from training with your bodyweight alone. You will have to train with high volume meaning more sets reps and exercises, a good way to do this is increase the repetition time. 1 press up should last around 5-6 seconds, meaning if you did 10 press ups it would take you 1 minute! The same applies for pull ups, crunches, squats, dips and all other bodyweight variations.

2: You can progress to bodyweight power training once exercises become too easy. The most straight forward way is to increase the repetition speed to as fast as possible! Another move forward is to add plyometrics to the entire body. Jump squats for the legs, clap pushups for upper body, pull up grip switches (changing grip in mid air, close to wide, overhand to underhand, or combinations of both) should give another increase in muscle mass and strength and power gains too!

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