5 May 2011

Improving Your Pull Ups: Learn The Secrets

Pull ups are one of my top 5 exercises, and are also the exercise which most people can not do, or at least can not do more than 1! Honestly I find it strange that even guys and gals who train day in day out can still not pull their own bodyweight up more than once or twice! People in general tend to stick to what they are good at, so really it does make sense that we seem to bash out endless sets of push ups, but think twice before doing a hard set of pull ups! In this video I show you some techniques to use for improving your pull ups rapidly even if you can not do just 1!

There are more than just a couple of ways to increase your pull up strength. My best advice would be to use the guides from this video, and once you are able to do 5-6 pull ups or more, begin to vary the angle of your hands on every set, never repeating the same angle twice. This will give your back, shoulder and arm muscles the most 'bang for their buck' so to speak and ensure maximum effectiveness and development from the workout!

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