26 October 2011

Introducing 3D-Muscle.com Personal Trainers...

Kingsley and Dominique are 2 passionate and driven personal trainers with MASSIVE enthusiasm for ALL types of physical activity from martial arts to bodybuilding, fitness training, calisthenics (bodyweight/gymnastics) team sports coaching, as well as sharing a huge wealth of knowledge and understanding in Nutrition for Sports Performance!

 Both Trainers are fully qualified through Premier International Training, the UK's leading Health and Fitness Professional learning providers with, accreditation in Europe and across the globe.

 Kingsley N'genda 2011

Dominique Cheniart 2011

Martial Arts Photo Shoot 2011

Dominique performs the ''Human Flag'' 2011

Kingsley ''Flagging'' 2011

Dominique Cheniart, Founder of 3D-Muscle.com

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