10 May 2011

10 Tips for a Leaner Body This Summer!!!

3 Part Video Guide to a Leaner Body


  1. DareDevil!
    Thanks for the advice brother. Ive Done a TON of internet searches on keeping up with your body with body weight fitness and by far i think yours are most practical. What i have been doing is maintaining myself rather than pushing for a more ideal image of myself. Through countless hours of viewing Motivational videos and the finesse your Blog and YouTube videos portray, I can see myself reaching these goals. Ive been following your 10 steps for the better part of 2 weeks now and am ALREADY seeing results.For this, I thank you good Sir. my major battle now is no longer cranking up the workouts but educating myself on the correct carbs to eat and when.given that i get a response of some sort Ill be more than happy to keep you updated with my progress as well.
    I'd also like to express to you my passion to participate in this Physical event happening all throughout next year.I have several people who are interested in attending(including Marines that will be on leave from Afghanistan to school buddies who live in Texas). We are currently trying to figure out where the best place and time to participate in these events would be and it would be DDOOPPPPEEE to meet you and participate along side you given that you can make it. we are shooting for later in the Year to give people time to train(for those who are out of shape) and time to save(since everyone is coming from different states and countries). if this interests you Please feel free to contact me back at qaudioarsonist@gmail.com or on my YouTube account UQONN2011
    Thank you for your words of wisdom,your stories and for POSTING THIS cuz i wouldnt have stumbled onto your site had you not promoted it.
    (P.S)FYI i have been posting your blogspot page on my facebook like a mad man cuz im tired of so many fatties here in the states complaining when they're resources such as yourself promoting healthy living(hooray for free promotion..hope it helps)

  2. this is one of the best site ...I've seen ..next to Bodybuilding.com..

    These guys at 3DM motivate the hell out of me !!

  3. hey man just watched pretty much all of your vids, nicely explained. i feel comfortable enough now to take what ive learned to the park and lean up for summer. im gonna take pictures everyday to keep track of my progress then check back in, in about a month. one thing though, i wouldnt mind getting your advice on some good cooldown meathods or just good streches to keep my muscles supple and ready for the next day. thanks for all the info, hopefully il have a decent result for beach season :)