13 August 2010

The Beginning

My Story of Health

Teaching the ''Body Bomb'' April 2010
82.5kg (2008)
My passion for Fitness began as a boy growing up in Hackney, East London. I joined Springfield Boys Club at 9 years old and was given a chance to compete with boys my age and older at many different sports. I always enjoyed the variety. We all just wanted to play football, but were encouraged to take part in gymnastics, hockey, track and field, swimming, basketball, and even cross country and assault courses. Many of us came from single parent homes, living in a deprived area of London where crime was always close by. The fact that many boys were gifted athletes would not have been evident unless this array of different sports were available!

Over the years this environment helped me create a system for Fitness Training which I know many others will benefit from. I have Studied thousands of articles, visited seminars as well as read numerous books on Athletic Performance and Nutrition. I trained 3 years from the age of 17to 20 years old for the sport of bodybuilding, not intending to compete, just for the love of transforming my physique! I have since moved on to personal training, nutrition guidance, and founded my first calisthenics weight loss club!
My 16th birthday I was a skinny 55kg!!!

This blog is dedicated to provide Information on Training Methods, Anatomy and Nutrition for Sports Performance. I hear rumours about building muscle or loosing fat and I wonder where they started because some of them really make me laugh! I have trained hundreds of people and the first things I always seem to implement for them are slower control of their movements or even to develop a breathing pattern!! People are still performing sets and reps while holding their breath!!! I strongly believe that ANYBODY who wants to alter their physique, gain muscle, lose body fat, Is only a few small steps away from achieving their goals! If you are serious about anything in life YOU HAVE TO GET THE BASICS RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Continually Combining Changes in Training Intensity: Once you have developed a foundation to progress from, it is important not be become repetitive with your workouts! This will only slow your progress, and probably lower your morale at the same time! The Muscle Confusion Theory is one I always recommend after testing it on myself in a number of different training programmes. In essence this theory throws workout plans out the window, replacing them with a training technique more devastatingly effective than any other on the planet!! Whatever your goals, I hope the information in this blog can benefit you as it has me, be sure to check out the featured info tab for the best free fitness articles on the web!!

Dom :)

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  1. great article... 'm in the first month of trying to get a body (type) like yours...... Don't want to join a gym yet ... but I would like you for a trainer :-) unfortunately I'm in The U.S.

    I read your blogs to help me get better directions.... thanks !!!!!! I'll will buy your DVD... get them out soon.